Illustrations of the CRT Shutter Test

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These shots were taken with a Canon XTi (400D) at the speeds indicated:

1/60 second

1/125 second

1/250 second

1/500 second

1/1000 second

1/2000 second

1/4000 second

As you can see in the above examples, the CRT display is capable of clearly showing the difference between speeds up to 1/4000 second (this is the fastest shutter speed that I have available to test). The images created at the same speeds will be similar with any focal plane shutter, whether film or digital, cloth or metal. The angle and curvature of the white bar will vary based on curtain velocity, and the width will vary based on the refresh rate (ie, 50Hz vs. 60Hz) of your TV or monitor... but with any one display, the width will be consistent.

For these images I used my computer monitor instead of a TV set.
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